Unmatched Headlight Restoration Service in Marietta

Driving at night shouldn’t be a gamble. Faded, cloudy headlights not only diminish your car’s aesthetic appeal but pose a serious safety hazard. At All Detailing Simba, we understand the struggle. But fear not – All Detailing Simba is here to illuminate your way! We specialize in headlight restoration in Marietta, GA, addressing those pesky issues.


Our skilled technicians, armed with top-tier restoration materials and cutting-edge technology, are on a mission to bring back the brilliance to your headlights. Say goodbye to the hassle of compromised visibility and hello to safer, more stylish journeys! Ready to experience the difference? Schedule your headlight restoration with All Detailing Simba today, and let Marietta’s roads witness your vehicle’s radiant transformation!


let us transform your car’s headlights into a radiant beauty-timely, professionally, and at a price that makes sense for you! Book your appointment today!

Headlight restoration before and after

When Should I Consider Restoring My Headlights

If you’ve noticed any of these issues with your headlights, it’s time to call our professional Marietta headlight restoration services!

Diminished Brightness

Over time, headlights can lose their brightness, resulting in reduced visibility at night. If you’ve noticed a decline in the clarity of your headlights, it’s a clear sign they need attention.

Yellowing or Cloudiness

The development of a yellowish tint or cloudiness on your headlights is a common issue. This not only affects the aesthetics of your vehicle but also hampers the effectiveness of the headlights.

Scratches and Pitting

Daily exposure to road debris can lead to scratches and pitting on your headlights. These imperfections not only detract from the appearance but can also scatter light unevenly.

Cracks on the Headlight Lens

Cracks are a serious indication of wear and tear. They not only compromise the structural integrity of the headlight but also allow moisture to seep in, leading to further damage.

Our Step-by-Step Restoration Procedure

Our headlight restoration process is designed to address various issues and restore your headlights to optimal condition. Each step is carefully executed to ensure lasting results.

Cleaning and Sanding

We start by cleaning the headlights to remove dirt, grime, and surface contaminants, preparing the surface for restoration. Gently using fine-grit sandpaper, we remove the damaged layer, creating a smooth foundation for the restoration solutions.

Polishing and Buffing

To enhance the clarity and shine, we use high-quality polishing compounds that restore the smoothness of the lens. Our state-of-the-art buffing equipment ensures a flawless finish, leaving your headlights crystal clear and visually appealing.  
Black Nissan restored headlights
Tesla headlight restoration

Quality Materials and Technology

At All Detailing Simba, we believe in delivering the best for your vehicle. That’s why we use top-notch restoration products from the industry’s leading manufacturers. These premium materials are specifically chosen for their effectiveness in addressing oxidation, yellowing, and other common headlight issues.


Our commitment to quality extends to the technology we employ in the restoration process. With advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure that your headlights not only regain their original clarity but also stay clear for the long haul. It’s our way of providing your vehicle with the care and attention it deserves, leaving you with headlights that shine bright on the roads of Marietta, GA.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Honey Allen
Honey Allen
Amazing job! I’ll definitely be a repeat customer. Very professional and informative on how to keep interior and exterior clean. Detailed to perfection. I appreciate his hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction!
Paige McCullough
Paige McCullough
Michael is amazing! He spent over four hours cleaning every nook and cranny of my car. It looks brand new! His attention to detail is unmatched! Michael responded quickly to my request for an appointment and I am so thankful he did! He even followed up with products he suggested to help me maintain the condition of my leather seats. I cannot recommend him enough!
Jill F
Jill F
I bought a used car from a family with small kids. When I say this was the dirtiest interior I've ever had the displeasure of seeing, I am not over stating. Michael spent a little over 4 hours just cleaning the interior. He worked so hard and his hard work paid off, it's beautiful! Worth every penny! I'll recommend this business to anyone looking for professional help in getting their car clean!
Audrey Rogers
Audrey Rogers
Excellent service for a great price. He spent 5 hours of HARD work on my car (for gold package) and was extremely professional and detail oriented. After seeing my car, my friends and family asked for his info. Don’t go anywhere else!
Mike G
Mike G
Michael with All Detailing Simba is the BEST. He makes every car look like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Ive never known anyone as reliable, honest and talented. Ive been a car guy all my life, so Im not easily impressed, but he is the best
Simba washed the hell out of my car! He was on time and very detailed. You can tell he loves what he does. Nice guy and I am pleased with his work.
Camille Coleman
Camille Coleman
My car looks incredible and such an easy experience overall- will definitely recommend!
Tori Paris
Tori Paris
My 2018 Infiniti looks like I just drove it off the showroom floor, thanks All Detailing!! If you’re looking for a mobile detailer, I highly recommend you use these guys…. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!!
Michael Brown
Michael Brown
Michael went beyond my expectations with an exceptional job on my partner’s car as a birthday surprise. The car was cleaner than when we bought it when he was done with it. Highly recommend.

Frequently Asked Question

The time varies based on the condition of your headlights. On average, our skilled technicians complete the restoration process within a few hours, ensuring a quick turnaround for your convenience.

Yes, we can address cracked headlights. During our assessment, we’ll determine the severity of the damage and recommend the appropriate restoration procedure.

The frequency depends on various factors like driving conditions and exposure to the elements. As a general rule, consider professional headlight restoration every 1-2 years for optimal clarity.

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